Speedline (SpeedDine) Deferred Ticket Print Times

All the Speedline users out there, I requested a feature that I think would be beneficial for everyone. We have issues with deferred tickets when customers may place the order for a busy window but the order is placed when quote times are low, this making the print time less than needed (this is really more of a SpeedDine thing since print times work off of quote times at time of placing the order).

If I lost you already, here’s an example. If a customer places an order at 4:30 on a Friday for 7:30 delivery and the quote times are currently 30 pick up and 15 delivery then that ticket isn’t going to activate until 7:00 (unless manually changed). Our problem is we get slammed (like many of us do) between 5-7. My requested fix for this issue is that the PRINT TIMES change dynamically with the quote times. To piggy back this example, if your current quote times are 90 minutes for delivery the. This ticket would activate at 6:00pm, thus giving you the ample time needed to make the item. Deferred tickets are extremely important, customers do them for convenience and feel they should have it on time because they don’t know you have 300 other orders and they feel they gave you ample time to make it.

If anyone is interested in jumping on this idea with Speedline, I’d highly recommend adding your name to the test track #. It won’t be developed unless they see value in it AND have enough interest in the feature.

Test Track # 12092



I use Microworks, future orders pop up on the makeline with a clock icon next to the order to signify its a timed order.
75 minutes before a delivery is due, and 45 minutes before a pickup is due. Its helpful bc we know once those orders hit 30 mins we have to start making them.
It’s also annoying bc on Friday nights your screen is filled with orders with clock icons on them clogging up your screen amongst the orders that are to be made right now.

When the customer calls at 11:30am for a delivery at 6:30pm on a Friday night, thinking they’re helping me, when they’re actually just helping themselves it makes me want to laugh that they will never understand how it works.
The customers are thinking “WELL I GAVE THEM PLENTY OF TIME”
Im explaining I still have to make your food in the middle of the choas. I cant just make your food any chance I get and just let it sit there

I wish I could not allow future orders for certain time blocks on Fridays bc it really complicates things, when I try to explain this to the techs and how I think its a basic functionality I can tell they just think its a non issue. Frustrating

I don’t know about the techs, they may just be programmers or they may have experience in the industry as well, but that would be helpful eliminating timed orders on Fridays between 5-7

We get a ton of times orders and what sucks is when we’re slammed we can’t even hang all the tickets. Even if we did, our two QRS screens still wouldn’t see the items because we are 50 items past the initial ~23 that are on the screen. They can’t make it of they can’t see it

Yeah I hate that those orders clogg our screens, I mean I can use the filter function to only see certain order types, but its still a pain.

Another thing thats a pain is if someone adds to an order that was placed a little while ago, it puts the additional added items at the bottom of the makeline, leading the the whole order being done but the order of fries they added is behind the 30 other items at the bottom.
I did setup my makeline to automatically put walk-in orders at the top of the screen its helpful

I wish we had some of those functions with Speedline/qsr

That whole issue I just described about how it puts the added items to an existing order at the bottom of the makeline, is even more frustrating bc it used to put the additional items at the top of the makeline with a refresh icon next to it, then one day after an update that functionality was gone. I called and asked about it, but I could tell I wasnt articulating the issue correctly

We get that issue too, adds it to the bottom. If the ticket was cleared it would make sense to put it at the top. If it wasn’t cleared it would make sense to move it under the last item on that ticket. But what makes logical sense to us probably takes too much of an investment to develop

You just described perfect functionality for that issue.
Maybe one day you could start your own Pos company and could be the inbetween for what the customers need and the developers

Haha, I don’t know a lick of code! Good ideas, no execution haha

This is an issue for sure. We have ours synced with store quoted times. I set my deferred print times on Operations

At this location the deferred deliveries print out 61 minutes ahead of the delivered time and the pickups print our 58 minutes ahead.

The issues are these numbers will revert to the quoted times in terminal as often as once a day. I log in each morning and reset them if needed.


Ours resets whenever the Quote Times Change. Print times should be separate

I had my times set today at 45 and 25. Timed orders from online kept coming in 15 minutes ahead of pick up required times instead of 25. Seems like a terrible glitch. It’s gotta get better soon

Hi Steve. Good news: SpeedDine just added a feature to allow you to inactivate deferred ordering at certain times during the week. Here are the steps for you:

  1. Log into SpeedDine Admin.
  2. Go to the store you want to change (if you have more than one).
  3. Click Operations, and then expand the Hours of Operation section.
  4. Scroll down to Friday, and select the Disable Deferred Ordering check box.
  5. Enter the Start time of 17 (5pm) and the End time of 19 (7pm).
  6. Click Apply Changes. The time selector on the website won’t show any times between 5 and 7pm.
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Thank you. Is this something that has to be changed every week or will Friday 5-7 always be unavailable until changed?


Hi Steve - Friday at that time will be unavailable until changed. So if it was just a temporary thing, then you would create a Special Day instead, in the Special Days section of the same Admin page.

This issue seems to be fixed now. Mine has worked flawlessly for 2 weeks now

I agree. I haven’t seen an issue in a while

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