SpeedLine / SpeedDine online order chargebacks

has anyone gotten chargebacks from “card not present” online orders? we have one frequent flyer customer using presumably stolen cards, placing takeout orders then contesting them a month later. he uses different names but the orders when looking back are surely the same person.

seems that speedline doesn’t do some basic credit card compliance stuff such as address verification that would probably eliminate this sort of illegal card use.

we are upgrading our video surveillance stuff to better capture faces and store data much longer to where we can better help the police trying to put an end to this, but to-date, there’s not much they can do.

we don’t do delivery so we don’t have address info to rely on. these are pickup orders. one solution would be to switch to pay in-store for online orders, which would necessitate a chip transaction and eliminate the “card not present” rates and fraud vulnerabilities, but that opens up other potential fraudulent order vulnerabilities. thankfully, chargebacks, bad checks and other fraud has been relatively minimal, but that makes all of these particular ones really stand out and piss me off.

does anyone with speedline/speeddine have experience in other ways to minimize this sort of fraud?

We had this happening with one specific customer. Ordered from us once in 2019 then 3 times in short order to start this year. About a month to 6 weeks after these transactions, they disputed all of them. They were all for delivery, so we had the address and everything that we delivered to. We had signed credit card slips, it didn’t matter. The card brands will side with the customer until the end of time. . It was extremely frustrating. I’m not so sure that the verification process is as much on speedline as it is on the card processor (we use FIS/Worldpay/whatever they are called these days).