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Currently, in our kitchen, we have 2 QSR screens for separate ends of the make line and then we have a receipt printer that the tickets print out when the order is placed. The tickets then get hung up and orders are put together off of tickets. After they’re done they go to the warming cabinet or a delivery bag with the ticket.

I’m thinking of possibly putting another QSR at the oven with the thought being that when a ticket is done, either pick-up, to go, delivery, or dine-in, that you would bump it off the screen, and once bumped off of the Oven Screen, the ticket would then print and go with the corresponding completed order.

Does anyone use a system similar to this?



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Good Question. We had a computer at the oven for a while just to show dine-in orders. We use a kitchen monitor and when we make the order we print box labels. The boxed pizzas go under heat lamps, carryouts are moved to warming cabinet, and deliveries stay under lamps until going out the door. It can be chaotic. I think having an “Order Assembly Person” when it’s busy would be great.

We use a monitor at the make line. When an order is made it is bumped and that ticket prints out at the oven where the pizzas are boxed. That way the oven puller always receives tickets in the order they are made and they never have more than a few tickets to sort through at a time.

This way was my first thought to do it. My issue is that we have two screens depending on which side of the make line the items are routed too. We also use line item as opposed to a grid display

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When ours is set up as line item rather than grid, it will print the ticket as soon as the last item on a ticket is bumped. This works fine assuming you can get all items in the oven before the first item is out, which usually isn’t a problem. Not sure how it works with multiple screens as I have never tried, but I would assume it would work the same. We still use the grid setup just because I like everything going in the oven at the same time. I hate when they throw in the side items early and they just sit there for 10 min while the pizzas are being made.

I’m not sure how anyone works with grid in the pizza business. I know some that do, but I’ve never used it and figured it would be hard since you can’t bump individual items, it has to be the entire ticket, from my understanding.

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We do occasionally have a problem of losing track of where you are on a ticket with large orders during the rush so I can definitely see the advantage of bumping items there. It might be something worth revisiting. My only fear is that somebody forgets to bump an item on a large deferred order and it gets lost in the shuffle and we don’t realize it till it’s too late.

That’s where the tickets at the oven being printed already is Handy because then you can be looking down the line at the tickets and checking the oven as to what’s coming out. Not sure how much it may different with a deck oven though

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We used to have tickets print as soon as order was placed. The problem we would run into there would be having a huge pile of tickets to sort through during a Friday or Saturday night rush. It made mistakes boxing pizzas much more likely and tickets would get lost all the time.

This is where we are at now. We don’t screw to many boxes but it’s more so of keeping the tickets organized when they’re printing fast and furious

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