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Is anyone having issues with their SONICWALL Router? I updated 3 terminals to newer hardware, updated to the most recent update of version 7.3 R2, and then my Sonicwall router decided to stop working and my Dlink switch (I think). I’m just looking for other to maybe have the same issue for my sake, I really hope you’re not going through what I have though!

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I haven’t upgraded to 7.3 yet, still running 7.2. But i haven’t had any issues.

What is the problem you are having with the sonicwall ?

It was intermittently working and not working, then all together stopped working. Could not pass through the internet connection from sonicwall to the stations.

Speedline and I figured it out, we believe, and a new sonicwall should be here tomorrow

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Had that happen with Reventi0n, new sonic wall worked for a month and then stopped working. I have just bypassed the sonic wall, I’m not convinced it’s the sonic wall, I can’t imagine being that unlucky.

Mine ended up being the sonicwall. They sent a replacement overnight

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In most cases, a reset & re-config will do the trick. I had that happened quite a few times. It always worked for me except one time were the sonicwall was fried :slight_smile:
Here are the step by step instructions on how to re-configure your sonicwall in case anyone needs too.


This was tried multiple times but after we changed the IP from DHCP to static with the router, the sonicwall wouldn’t let the connection through

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You didn’t mention that in your initial post. You said it just stopped working.

If it stopped working after changing to a static IP, then 100% the problem was/is an incorrectly configured Sonicwall.

The initial post was before the full reset was tried with support. Initially we were looking for a problem within the switch, Ethernet cables, and modem. At one point we gave up on the sonicwall to try to just get internet back up so that we could run our end day and once we were able to do that, that’s when support cane around to my thinking of it being the sonicwall.

It was a long drawn out process, but one of the support techs worked with me for close to 20 hours in total to get things back to normal. I can’t say enough good things about the way he handled the situation. We also had many other issues arise from the new hardware that he was fixing for us as well. He’s called back pretty much every day since to make sure nothing has changed before completely closing the support ticket.

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