Any one else having the problem where 7 fields are actually required on a credit card checkout but only 5 have asterisks (*required) next to them causing customers to have a pending charge? I have dealt with countless customers having to explain what a pending transaction is. Anyone else?

We are aware of this impact when using the additional fraud reduction features of Billing Address and Zip validation. When a transaction is submitted with the additional security requirements of Billing Address and Zip validation it may be approved by the card holder but include a response of address mismatch to SpeedDine. In this case the transaction is then declined by SpeedDine and immediate reversal requested. We have found that while many card holders accounts accept this immediate reversal there are some that still hold the pending approval for 3-5 business days.

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Yeah, Worldpay sits on it for 3-5 business days, gaining interest. You must use Worldpay, at the very least as a gateway processor, to accept online payments on SpeedDine, so this all boils down to Worldpay.

As much as having the built in extra layers of security helps with credit card processing rates, it doesn’t help with irate customers who get pissed because they use auto-fill and they are at work/someone else’s house. The amount of times this happens a week is unacceptable, and trust me, I understand that the customer is the one causing this, but they look at us like we are stealing their money. It’s not good for anyone (but Worldpay)


I have disabled to zip code verification for the time being. Can you notify us when this if fixed?

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I have also disabled the zip code verification for the same reason. Please just add the asterisk’s to all the required fields.

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