Are they good or… Please only post if you have experience with them.

Please let me know about support

Has it made you money

anything else

I use speedline…I think it amazing! but it is the only pos system I have ever used… I purchased it through North Country Business Products(NCBP) a licensed seller of speedline. I get my support through NCBP so I can not comment on speedline support…but I can say when NCBP could not answer a question or hick-up speedline jumped in and fixed me right up. I don’t know how much the system has made me (it was expensive as fuuuuuck) but I do use the system to pull customer reports for marketing…I use the employee reports to track sales and run employee contests. It does have a suspicious activity report that alerted me to an employee that was stealing; who knows how much that saved me. If you have any more specific questions feel free to ask me!

I use it and have to say I am totally satisfied. I have used other systems before and this one just out perfoms any of them. The customer support is amazing and the software so far has been glitch free. They have a very detailed inventory tracking program (costs extra) which will definately save you money once you take the time to punch in all the numbers. They have an open end system which allows you to choose other companies for services such as online ordering to intergrate with their system (you are not stuck using whatever they offer). There schedule feature allows you to forcast sales and schedule staff accordingling (save money). They have reports for anything imaginable. There new live maps feature estimates delivery time with traffic and allows you to email the customer to let them know their order has left and when they should expect it (with traffic). You can create any coupon deal possible (10% off two cheese slices between 2pm - 4pm on Tuesdays, no problem) the coupon won’t allow you to use it unless all those specifications are met. The prep guide lists what the system estimates you will sell for certain products based on past sales. They are used by a lot of the bigger chains, that should say something. The downfall is that is very expensive so if you don’t plan on using all the features that they offer I would suggest looking at a lower priced option. Comparing apples to apple if you put this system against any other system in the same price range I think it’s a better choice. One system of similar price that I have used removed they inventory tracking feature because they said no one was using it, well I was and now all that hard work was gone. Another company told me yes to every question I asked, but when I saw them at the Pizza Expo this year their system was very lacking and features were not working. They used the exuse that they had a lot of systems running at once so they couldn’t activate all the features (Speedline didn’t have any problems at the Expo). I tried to stump Speedline with everything I had at the Expo and their system always beat me back down. I believe they’re main competition is Revention. If you have anyother questions let me know.

I’m 10 years in with Speedline now and am also very happy with the system. Every thing Rico said is spot on so I won’t go thru all the points again. I would just reiterate that it is a very advanced system. If you get it plan on going thru a learning curve if you want it give you a return on investment. The support guys and gals are great and I have never had an issue that wasn’t quickly resolved. They will setup and install your system to get you running smooth. Probably better than your current set up. But they don’t know your business and how it works and flows. It is going be up to you to tweak the system to fit your business. 10 years in and I’m still learning and making adjustments. We track just about everything with the system They listen to their customers and make programming changes to fit them. They have put in 3 or 4 requests that I have made over the years. We have developed our menu over the last few years to include 60 specialty pizzas, 50 toppings and modifiers, plus wings, salads, and cheese breads. Every single item can be customized. Add this take off that. 1/2 and 1/2, do it this way, do it that way. We do this nearly error free every day with crazy sales volumes and new employees coming thru system all the time. I helped out at one of the stores last night. We did 13K with just 8 inside and 8 drivers. Although it was hard and hectic we had no errors. We did have a driver lock pizzas in his car and loose his keys, so we had to remake them. I’ll call Speedline and see if they have a fix for that.


First off i wanted to apologize for posting in general forum. I didn’t see the POS section. Pizzapiratespp, Ron White says it best “you can’t fix stupid”. Do you guys have any issues with updates? Any cost involved with them? What about being PCI compliant? Any cost involved there? Any idea what support charge is?

Updates are included with the monthly support charge. Generally 1 major 1 a year with smaller 1’s here and there. You will have to get a quote from them but I can ball park it for you.
There are cost with pci compliant. You have to get a dmz computer and some extra install cost. Probably around 1K for both combined. There are software cost but they are built in. Support runs you around $150 a month. It can go up or down a little depending on you credit card set up. Online ordering is done thru a separate company and is a whole new set of fees and setup. We pay around .35 an order but it took a long time to get it that low. We started at $1 an order.