Spent 3 years building my own POS/kitchen display


(So, English isn’t my main language, so please bear with me if my grammar seems funny :slight_smile:

Part 1 - Background story (jump to part 2, if the story is boring :slight_smile:

So my parents have a small pizza shop, here in Denmark, and I’ve been working there on and off for the last 20 years. Being the go to tech guy, I’ve been the one making all things online work and what I realised was that in this line of work - everyone wants your money - and half the time things aren’t working the way it should or the way I want it too.
I got tired/am tired, of seeing all solutions are either made super expensive or not well thought!

So three years ago I started learning programming, but as life can be, situations change and things take a lot longer than first etismated. (Good advice: If you wanna build your own app: hire a professional :sweat_smile:)… but FINALLY tho the last two months we have been testing it and it works!

I think in 2-3 more months I will be able to release it, and I want to offer it as cheap as I can (there are some server costs/updating/bug fixing/freelance hiring) but honestly - I don’t care if im not making money, I’m just tired of seeing people taking advantage of people like my parents. (though I wouldnt mind getting hours spent starring at my screen not understanding anything back!)

Part 2:
The reason I post:
I have almost finished my 100% own pizzaria specific POS/KITCHEN DISPLAY/secret etc’s. But Ive build this app according to my parents shop, its a small take away with few tables and lots of delivery and they have belt owens (not sure what you call them in english), so maybe the app is to “niched”, so I would love to ask a couple of question and have your feedback - mostly about features in a POS / kitchen display.

Writing the questionaire, I learned, Im bad at it - so feel free to write any thing that you feel I should have asked for!
Below is the google link (no email sign up)


If you read all this, thank you!

Stay safe people :slight_smile: