Spice packs and coke

I have my crew make spice baggies(oregeno, salt pepper, and garlic)
to speed up the sauce making process.

Can you do that with, salt, sugar and instant yeast?

anyone ever switch to pepsi products without complaints?
is it a deal breaker?

Yes to both. We make a pack for our dough to dummy proof it and it works great. We also switched to pepsi from coke a few years back because coke was really bad at delivering. There was a bit of pushback on the move because people have there faves but overall not a big deal.

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Can you store it at room temp or do you put in the fridge?

Works fine at room temp

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The salt doesn’t kill your yeast?

Nah, been doing this for years with no problems.

If you use fresh or active yeast it might be an issue but IDY should be fine.

Does anyone notice a difference between kosher salt and table salt. as far as dough making. I have only used kosher salt from the begging, cause I saw John Arena say to not use iodized salt. I never thought anymore about.

It would save money plus I wouldn’t have to open a new box every few days.

I use diamond Crystals

Do you think it matters. I use table salt at home, and I have never noticed anything

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I use Morton noniodized salt.

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We just use non iodized granulated salt, about $7 for a 25 lb bag. Tried everything from granulated salt to sea salt and cant tell a difference in the dough.

Ive always wondered if the type of yeast you use makes a difference.

I know owners who swear fresh yeast is the best.

If theyre all the same Ive never understood why active dry yeast (needs to be bloomed) or fresh yeast (perishable) exsists when instant yeast does the job with less and less fuss

I just bought a 50lb bag of “all purpose salt” says nothing at all about Iodine. As I walked through RD I asked every restaurant owner if this has Iodine in and no one know. I will just do the old fashion and test it out.

Thank goodness for Tom Lehmann. I just started with instant and never looked back. I know zero about yeast.

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Ive seen that video where John Arena says not to use iodized salt. I thought to myself salt in dough is about 2%, iodine in salt is probably something miniscule I just thought it wouldnt make any difference in batch of dough

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Iodine has a metallic taste which is why people recommend against using it. It probably is entirely lost in a batch of dough though.

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Same here. I should listen to my instincts more

I feel like a fool. 5 years of buying 36lbs for $44. instead of 50lbs for $9

That Morton AP salt has no iodine according to Morton

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Anyone else notice the quality of olives these days. I understand why teens and 20 somethings dont like olives. because they have only eaten shitty olives.

I cant buy olives from RD. I have to get the most expensive ones from US to even come close to the way olives are supposed to taste. $70 for 6 cans.

I have to special order green olives (Lindsey) from US (99.45) for 6 cans. shipped FEDEX.

Well atleast I’m saving money on salt now. :grinning:

We’ve got some that still have pits, those suck, really have to sort through. But I’ve never seen olives that high in price!

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