Spices on top of the Pie?

I went to another pizzaria and they had a nice pizza, what made them so different was that they had some spice sprinkled on top of the cheese that gave it a different taste, very flavorful and made the back of my jaw ache in that very pleasant way. It wasn’t sassafras, possibly basil and oregino, or even fennel seed?

What are your thoughts on this manor, you know if any of those might produce the nice taste that that pie produced?

Before you ask, yes I asked the owner they just said it was a secret they used. Much like KFC won’t tell their 11 herbs and spices lol.

We do a mixture of basil and oregano on top of our pies, and also do a sprinke of fresh grated Parmesan Reggiano. It’s killer! :smiley:

We spice - + grated parm in the mix - big secret! just be careful to lightly spice - one place I worked 4 had way too much black pepper in their mix - folks began asking 4 “No Spice”

here in Indy mickey and bills adds a mix of basil and oregano, so does marias and ewww jacks pizza.
so it is one of those then I am certain its a 50/50 blend of basil and oregano…ps if you want to play around with that sausage I will put a pound up for you…

Really?? Awsome, how much would I owe you for that pound? That would be awsome, I could make some test pies with it and see how they come out. I am still toying with the idea of opening my own pizzeria like I told you I am currently running it out of my personal kitchen a pickup business lol.

just let me know when you are coming by and i will sit some aside for you