I am getting ready to order spices for my shop this summer. I order every three years. To purchase these spices I have to order 500lbs. I end up throwing away almost half of them because of the age. Anyone interested in ordering with me? I operate in Central PA so the spices would be shipped to me. The spices cost so little that it is worth it. Here is their website:

Or if any of you have an idea where I can get spices in bulk without ordering 500lbs I am open to ideas.

Before we had our spice blend packaged for us, we use to order from Frontier Co-op | Bulk organic herbs, spices , teas & essential oils. The pack sizes varied depending on the type of spice, but I’m sure they were a bit less than a 1/4 ton.

Frontier will talk to you about large orders as well as smaller ones. I order about 20# at a time so I am always using freshest spice I can get. I know they package in 1# foil bags, and may be able to do you better on large packaging . . . though air and light are the enemies of freshness.

500 POUNDS OF SPICES?!?! That just sounds absurd.

??? What kind of spices are these? Please do tell.

I know it does but there prices are worth it. I can get a high end ground oregano for $5 a pound. It has a shelf life of five years but I reorder every three years. We go through 100lbs of cinnamon a year. (if only cinnamon had a shelf life of five years I would be ok)

Here is the link:

Talk to Frontier and get their wholesale catalog. I paid something like $5 a pound for Greek leaf oregano in one pound nitrogen purged bags. They have something like 10 kinds/forms of cinnamon . . . I include both ceylon cinnamon and the various cassia’s together. You become part of the co-op and even get a dividend at year end based on purchasing. I get basically a free bag of oregano back each year sine my purchasing is pretty low.

I will call frontier. I am very skeptical about switch my ground oregano because it is such an old recipe. My spice mix is more than 50 years old with only a few tweeks over the years.