Spinach On Pizza

Does anyone use spinach on their pizzas? Do you use frozen? Fresh? I use spinach leaves on a few salads and have been thinking about putting them on pizzas. If I do can I use them as is or should I precooked them first?

We use fresh spinach with no problem. We put it underneath all the other toppings so it does not burn and suggest extra cheese for the same reason.


We use baby English Spinach. Wash it and drain for a couple of hours then loose pack leaves into plastic take away tubs (with lids). we keep our in the freezer and bring out when needed. Just crumble it slightly over the base sauce / cheese then add other toppings. We mainly use ours on our Roast Pumpkin and Goats Cheese Pizza with red sauce base, mozz, pinenuts, spinach, pumpkin, goats cheese and cracked pepper in that order of going on the pizza. No burn issues.
A relative cheap (if you buy in bulk) topping which you can get a premium price for.

We include fresh baby spinach on our veggie pizza and one we call a “Blanca”. We’ve had the best results with placing the leaf under the cheese so it remains mostly unwilted and still as fresh as you can be coming out of the oven. If left on top as we do with our other toppings the leaf is generally wilted and browned past the attractive stage.

We have been using fresh spinach for 14 years. It is a great topping. We put it under the cheese.