Spinach Pizzas

I am going to do some test pizzas with spinach. Do you use fresh, fresh then cooked it yourself, or frozen and thawn spinach. Which one works best. I am think of the frozen just because of less waste.

blend DRAINED frozen spinach into an alfredo or white sauce & use that as your base…

when using a white sauce like that, use less and leave a bigger edge, as it is prone to thin out and spread more than red sauce does

that’s how CiCi’s does it…

I’ve used fresh, but it has 2 go under the cheese, or it burns…

I’ve also made a Greek style, with freah spinach, bacon, diced tomato & feta cheese

I use fresh right on the pizza as the first topping of my veggy pizza. I make sure the stems do not stick up through the cheese cause they burn.

fresh always
try arugula,it is very tasty

I was just experimenting with spinach myself the other week. I was using frozen but it was not working out. I put alfredo down first, and then the cheese and then spinach. The alfredo itself requires a longer baking time and the moisture content of the spinach did not allow the dough to bake very well. I tried squeezing out the water and this improved the baking but the flavor was very much lacking. I tried it with artichokes and seasoning but the taste profile was very bland.

Some years ago with a different type of dough it worked well so maybe it was the spinach I was using then. What I was doing the other week just tasted like soggy spinach.

I’m not sure what the previous poster meant by “blending” the spinach and alfredo but it does not seem practical in terms of preparing something just for one pizza. Obviously it been done, I just haven’t had the time to get back to it.

We use fresh leaf spinach as first topping to protect from scorching. It makes a great look as it cooks down (or should that be bakes down?) in the pizza. We use prewashed and stemmed leaves, just rinse, spin and top.

Incidentally, using fresh leaf allows for multi-tasking the spinach onto sandwiches, salads and other useful things to keep it from spoiling before you use it.

One of my worst selling pizzas that had a die hard following was the popeye. It had:

1 scrambled egg

Basically what I did was make a layer of spinach, then put bacon slices on top, and then pour the egg on top. The egg cooked up nicely and the spinach never burned.

there are a couple of things you can do that work really well… we use lincoln conveyor ovens which would torch fresh spinach if you put it on top of the cheese. i also want people to see the spinach. we use frozen so i can put it on top and it doesn’t burn and gives a nice color of green which looks really appetizing. if you want to use fresh spinach… use whole leaf and put it on the pizza right after you take it out of the oven…also works well with fresh basil and other fresh leaf greens.

I have found the best way is to use FRESH spinach leaves.

Sauce the skin first and then add the spinach leaves directly on top
THEN you add the cheese - try to get the best coverage.


It tends to burn easily if placed as a topping above the cheese.

Wanted to say…

Frozen spinach and fresh spinach are totally different creatures in my opinion. Frozen and canned varieties of spinach tend to give a more distinct spinach flavor.

The fresh spinach provides a more SUBTLE flavor when compared to frozen/canned.

Good luck wid it!

frozen spinach would add a lot of moisture to the crust, and as you all know moisture is the crust’s worst enemy. In my opinion fresh spinach is the way to go. Of course you will have to put it under the cheese as it will burn other wise.

Fresh Baby Spinach…chase it and do not use it in your produce order. Clip off the stems and put it under the cheese.

This pizza is a huge seller if done right.

I saute fresh leaf in olive oil with garlic in bulk to wilt, then use where and when needed