ok we need to add spinich to our list of toppings
how do you buy it (fresh? canned? )
thanks guys

What kind of oven?

Here’s how you blanch fresh spinach to retain the color:

We buy fresh leaf spinach and add to the pie in whole leaves. It scorches a bit if it is on top and uncovered, but it isn’t so much a problem if it is a base topping under the rest.

We buy stemmed fresh baby spinach. It has to go under the cheese.

Same here . We also chop fresh spinach under the cheese.

We use frozen spinach. Thawed and squeezed well to remove all the liquid. Goes on top of the cheese.

we also use frozen, helps keep a nice green color after baking. we put it on between cheese.

I switched to fresh from frozen a few weeks ago and have had nothing but rave reviews from my customers. I was afraid to make the switch at first because we have been using frozen for years. When you ask the customer if they want fresh or frozen spinach on their pie the awnser is always fresh. It also saves on labor and having painfully frozen hands from all the squeezing you gotta do.

Plus it multi-tasks right into the sandwich and salad venue to generate another profit source for that ingredient.

Exactly! I pick up 2 big bags of fresh leaf at Costco each week ($3.99/bag) - put about 10 cents worth on a 16" pie & charge $1.75 for the topping - also very popular in calzones.

Dead foolish NOT to try fresh at these prices. Sell only TWO large (2 oz) toppings, and you’ve paid for the bag. the other 44 oz per bag is all gravy until it wilts and goes off. It’s a race for the profits that is all win all the time if you push it a little.