Spiral mixer question

What’s the trick to getting the the 60 lb of dough up out of the mixer? We’ve been cutting it with a serrated knife, but I don’t want to scratch the bowl.

You can’t just roll it out ?

We do 165 lb batches and our guys cut it into thirds or about 50 to 60 lbs at a time. They use the dough cutter to cut the sections.

Can’t roll it out because it’s wrapped around the spiral.

You have a couple of options.

  1. If your mixer has a reverse speed run it in reverse for a few seconds to clear the dough from the mixing arm.
  2. After you’re finished mixing pour about an ounce of salad oil into the bowl while the mixer is running, this will coat the dough with oil after a few seconds to make removing it much easier.
    If you need to cut the dough to get it out of the bowl use a rigid plastic scraper like the ones used to scrape dough out of the plastic dough boxes. They are available from WRH Industries, Ltd. <1-800-332-8729 or <www.wrh.net> or Paul Bartley at pbartley@wrh.net Being made of the same plastic like material as their dough boxes they’re very durable and are not as dangerous to use as a knife and won’t harm the interior of the bowl. They have two different designs, one is made for lifting individual dough balls out of the dough box while the other one has a long flat blade and looks something like a slightly oversize bench scraper. Get one or more of each to see what your people prefer to work with, they’re both effective at doing the job they were designed to do but also work well for cutting the dough out of the mixer.
    Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Our spiral drive lifts up to pull the dough hook out of the bowl, I need to disengage the drive, rotate the dough hook by hand to get it out of the dough, then the bowl gets placed on a kitchen cart, then gently transferred to a granite countertop on its side and we roll the dough out in one large clump vie dough blades/table scrapers.