Spiral Mixer Size Question

Hi Tom- I just spent some time reading all the past posts about spiral mixers so I wouldn’t be redundant but I didn’t quite find what I’m looking for. We make dough batches ranging from 30#-80# of flour. More often we are in the 40#-70# of flour size per batch but are growing so want a little extra capacity. I’m having a hard time sorting out which size Spiral Mixer would work best for me. Some of them are rated as qts and some lbs… I’m also looking for opinions on current brands and quality for medium price. There were so many more of these at the Expo this year which is super exciting but I don’t live anywhere near supply places where I could test any or shop so I will be making a purchase online. Many thanks!

While at Pizza Expo one of the things I was looking for was a new spiral mixer that I could mix a minimum of 100 lbs of flour. I’ve included a link to the one I think I will buy at the bottom. I’ll be buying the 120kg model as I would be at the max capacity if I bought the 80kg and I’m a little afraid to max out a mixer day in and day out. This particular one is Italian made while others might be made in China or elsewhere in Asia and some are made in the USA. I currently use a made in USA Empire spiral and have been less than impressed with the durability, service communication and availability of parts.


Thank you Paul7979, this is very helpful!