spirral mixer

anyone using a spirral mixer and what way do the mixing times vary ?

I use one…prefer it over a Hobart…believe it does a better job of putting air into the dough…

They work just fine for mixing the dough. All things being equal, a spiral mixer will probably outlast a planetary mixer when it comes to mixing pizza dough on a full time basis. Plus, you can get spiral mixers in sizes to accomodate 50, 100, 200, and 300 pounds of flour. Keep in mind that a spiral mixer will mix a dough as small as 25% of its rated capacity. Hence, a mixer rated at 100-pounds of flour, will efficiently mix a based on as little as 25# of flour weight. Try to get one with a plastic drain plug in the bowl. It sure makes cleaning the mixer a lot easier when you don’t need to bail the mixing bowl out. It you do this though, be sure to place the mixer close to a floor drain. Also, remember, these mixers generally are notr available with an attachment hub so you won’t be able to gring, slice etc. with the mixer, and you won’t be able to mix your sauce in it either.
The dough mixing times for planetary and spiral mixers are pretty close, normally about 10 minutes. The finished doughs are the same in all aspects.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor