split belt oven

Anyone using a conveyor oven with a split belt? I can see there being many advantages to this but have you found there go be any disadvantages?

We have a XLT3270 double stack, both have split belts. I can find no down side at this point. Had them approx 3 yrs.

Have used the split belt configuration forever and have yet to find an issue.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

we use the edge model 60 with a split belt and it works great

We have sold hundreds of ovens with split belts. Never a problem.

George mills

I have stack MM360EB Split Belt and although in concept I find it very cool, in reality I can’t for the life of me see why I would ever use on the the belts at a different speed. But again my shop does high volume and needing the capcity to handle the high pie hours or even the large orders that come in for say 30 14" pizzas.

Our usage for the split belts is it allows us to run only one deck, yet have the high topping load pies and the light ones placed on belts at same time and both come out cooked correctly. Removes that “error factor” possible if the staff member placing pies on belt doesn’t have to decide if they need a “push in” at start or not…
Basically gives us the benefits of two decks running at different speeds yet uses half the gas when were not slammed.

I have never seen one in person but im considering purchasing one to stack on my edge 60 and just wondered if there were any issues with stuff catching the belts or pizzas getting caught up. I would assume the belts on the edge 60 are about 15 inches each is that correct anyone know?

I want to get the oven that Tom demonstrated on a youtube clip.
But they do not export to the Uk.
So will have to choose anothe mfg.