Sponges used in Dough

I have a questions about Sponges used in dough. I love pizza and I have managed three pizza places but I am now a Land Surveyour and Civil Engineer. But after my girls were born I started making homemade Pizzas every week. I think I have a good sauce and dough but I would like to know more about Sponges. How do I make them, take care of them, do I need a starter and maintain them in my home (have to make sure my wife does not get mad, you know). I tried making my dough by making a poolish first and let is sit in the cooler until the next day before making my dough balls and bread sticks. The dough turned out great and was a little chewier then normal but I think it could be even better and with more flavor.

Thank you,

Stephen Roeschlein PLS/PE

Maybe I should have stayed in Pizza.