So here is the deal, I have two shops in one location 1 soft serve ice cream and 1 delco pizza. Probably a little late to ask the question since the check is already cashed but. I have decided to sponsor twenty teams on my local little league organization (total cost is $3000.00) On the ice cream side of things there is another ice cream shop that the teams have been going to season after season nothing special not known for anything just a basic ice cream shop. In talking with one of the board members he has tried to get sponsorship from this guy with no luck he says its not worth it. With my sponsorship i should be able to get a large portion of the league to come to me. On the pizza side i sponsored 2 teams last year but so did papa johns and since they were first they got all the pizza sales. This year i am guaranteed all pizza sales no question. With sponsorship i am getting 4 benefit nights where i donate back 20% of sales back to the league, a few ice cream benefit nights, both business names on all jerseys, my link is basically smacking you in the face when you go to their webpage, A large banner at all tournaments/events. i am looking to have one major organization that i can work with in my area to grow my sales/name. questions/comments please

I think you got a great deal! I hope you are rewarded for your kindness to the little league. We sponsor 4-5 teams every year just because it is a great thing to do.