I read some time ago about using spoodles (cross between spoon and laddle) for spreading the base sauce.

I just did it the way the previous owner did and showed me - using a big serving spoon. The problem was that it took too long to cover the sauce across the base and it was an uneven spread.

Today I was in a hospitality supply outlet and I inquired about spoodles. They didn’t have any but could get them in at AU$22 plus 10% Goods & Services Tax (GST).

I had to visit another supplier just after and I inquired there as well and they had a huge clearance bin of various sizes for AU$12 + GST. I got a 6oz one.

We used it tonight for the first time and now I am kicking myself for not getting one earlier. It is so quick and gives such a consistent and even spread. I think it would be 10 - 20 seconds quicker for each base we spread. On a busy night spreading 150 + bases this would save anywhere between 35 - 50 minutes in labour time.

The reason I brought this up is because without reading this forum I would never had heard of the spoodle and we would have just kept stumbling along. (Same about many other things I have learnt from this forum).

Thought I’d just share this with you and thank you for your comments, sharing of ideas etc.


Yep, the gold nuggets always make it worth diggin through the mud.

Viva La Spoodle ! :shock:

I’ve even found out that there are two general designs of these things!! We use the generally more flat bottom to get the good spread. I bought some additional ones when our main one broke, and the bottom of the “bowl” is more rounded at the edge. It’s a little harder to use, so I’m looking for our original style to stock up. We use the 8 ounce size as it is just perfect for the 16" pie measure. We’d probably use one for each size pizza if we were smart enough . . . then one scoop of sauce is all you need.

not sure what I would do without mine

Yeah I’d probably do the same Nick but then it would be too much of a choice for the staff and it would probably confuse them :lol:. Plus it’s just one more thing for them to break or lose.

I think that mine might be an 8oz as well as just under a full spoon (about 80% full) does our 15" Family size.

Ours is slightly rounded on the bottom edges but in the most is fairly flat.


Any suppliers who sell this? Thanks.


try Edward Don, as I believe they’ll drop ship it…