Sports Specials

Hi I’m nick…a little about me I’m 22 and just recently purchased my own pizzeria in long island and I’m from Brooklyn.
At my age I understand sports is a big focus in life including mine. I was wondering if you guys offer college football saturday specials nfl sunday specials and maybe even soon enough baseball playoffs specials and if you do can you please give me advice on what foods to put in these specials (pizza and wings oviously) and how much you charge.
Thank you for your time

Nick,what type of operation do you have? Delco? Dine-in? Do you offer subs? Beer?

Nick we group together the pizzas 2 for 20 type deals and the pizza wing classic we also started offering a appettizer sampler that has cheesesticks- potato skins- jalapeno poppers and wings. grouped that with a pizza offer. we do the football specials but not baseball. I try to keep them under $25 seems to be our magic number on multi item specials.