Square cut or traditions triangles:

Which cut style do you prefer for your pizza, and why?

On our super-thin crust, we cut squares so it isn’t so unwieldy to eat.
On our hand-tossed, we let the customer decide, we are seeing less than 1% requestinh square (Chicago) cut right now, but maybe we’ll see that change as the summer tourist get back up here.

Ours is a thin crust that we cut in squares, because that is the preferred style around here. It’s what all the independents or local chains do. I’m currently working on a hand tossed that I think will have to be cut in triangles. Growing up here, I personally like both. Thin crust, edge to edge toppings square. If it has a substantial “crust handle” I like it triangle. I guess I just like all pizza!

Coming from the NYC/NJ area pizzas are pie sliced (6 0r 8)/folded to eat. It is not the norm in Ohio. Square sliced is but we teach people to fold the slice and they always smile when I tell them if they visit the NYC area they will be assumed a native( thus not robbed :slight_smile: ). Walter

thin crust is square cut! pan and stuffed get pie cut…