Square footage

I’m in the process of getting ready to open a dine-in/carryout place,I wan to have at least seating for 130 people. The waitress station will be inside the kitchen. How much sq. ft would I need for the dining room included the bathrooms?


It’s going to be both,probally about 8 4 top tables,the rest will be booths.

Hi knight wing:

A rule of thumb for seating is 10 sq. ft per person so 1300 to 1500 probably for seating.

With that capacity of people you will probably be required to have multiple stalled rest rooms so I guess about 400 sq. ft for them.

A lot depends on the layout of your building.

George Mills

If the space youo are looking at is not already a restaurant with similar seating capacity, check with your local gov’t about parking requirements as well. It may not be an issue, but it can also be a deal killer when you go for a building permit for your tenant improvments. Find out first!

we have 3700 sf and seat ing for a total of around 120 people, 40 or so in a party room and 85 or so in the main dining room. Our kitchen is large and we have a men bathroom, one stall and one yurnil, the wormens have two stalls. I still need more storage room.