square peg in a round hole

found a restaurant that has been out of business for 3 years there is a used middleby marshall 360 that I want to buy…its the only thing left in the building because the door is 35 inches wide and no one can figure how to get it out LOL…
they got in some how its a single gas control on bottom (not on a stand)

The oven cavity detaches from the “base” - you can then turn the pieces sideways to fit through the door.

how heavy is oven capacity? what will i need to lift it?

I have moved many of them, and it is pretty easy. 2 people can do it with a bit of a struggle, and with 3 or more you will have no problem at all.

Here are the steps:

  1. Take off the window & handle.
  2. Take out the conveyor.
  3. Tip it onto a dolly, the window side down(don’t use the fan as leverage).
  4. Take off the base, should just be 4 bolts per corner.

shoot me an email if you want any more specifics. It is pretty easy though.

If the front of the building is glass, you can hire a glass company to take out a window pane so you can get it though (what used to be) the door.

a 4-wheel movers dolly is the ticket, but you can also do it with a pallet jack if you have one. We did our with 4 guys and it was a piece of cake

Removing the glass can be a pretty hefty bill, and there really is no reason to do it. The oven is not that heavy and you will be fine with a dolly like one of these: