Square pizzas & pans?

Anyone know any secrets or effectivre tricks on how to stretch a round dough ball into a square for square pizzas?
Also, is the main purpose of the covers for the square pizzas pans to save space in the fridge when stacking and proofing?

My chef has no direct expeirence with sqaure pizzas and any help would be great…

First question… WHY? You cannot, under any circumstances make a circle fill up a square pan AND have it all the same thickness unless you sheet it out too big and cut a square out. I worked for LCs when they did square pan pizzas and the corners were always bad.

Not true, takes some practice, but can be done.

I do sheets of pizza 18"x 26". I make my own dough so I can loaf it into rectangles that roll out perfectly. If you try to use frozen dough balls it is imposible.

As far as covers, what size are they? I have no idea what you are talking about.

We actually do this. Roller pin like a surfboard then dock it out. We make about 50 a week. 36oz of dough on a 12x24 screen

the key to making it square…which is by all means possible…don’t belive me…walk into any pizza place in ny or nj…

1st you want to use at least 40 ounces of dough for a 16x16 pan…

if you need to you can use 2 20 ounce dough balls and stick them together bottom to bottom

Start pouding the dough as if it were to be round

then form the pizza so it is round and bigger than the pan

lay it over the oiled pan and pull the dough over the four corners

leave it laying over the corners for five mins

when done pull corners back into place and form the crust along the edge of the pan

dock it then proof it for an hour or two

Good luck

many thanks for the help…
The lids/covers are sold with the pans as an ad-on and it seems their only purpose are for counter top space saving.

They help hold in the heat created during proofing, and also keep the crust from drying out. If you are working on a pan pizza, they’re invaluable as the crust will rise and hit the bottom of a nested pan above.