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Has anyone used Square POS? We’re opening another business, but not pizza. Any others use square? We would be 99% swiped, do the fees really come out to 2.75 overall? Or is this interchange + 2.75%

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We use square with our delivery drivers and yes swiped transactions are exactly 2.75%. You can actually get a slightly better rate than that if you do a lot of volume but you have to speak to a rep and jump through a couple hoops. It’s very transparent you can go online and look at any transaction at any time and see how much you were charged for processing. They also take their share from each transaction rather than giving you all of the sale and then deducting their share at the end of the month. So if you have $100 in sales for the day, you would receive a deposit of $97.25.

Thank you Mondo!

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B8A7B381-51C5-49D5-8362-05DBCCAF5ADC.jpg I love it, cant imagine not having it. Ive tried competitors, Square is the best. This is tonight’s report
I get this email everynight lets me know everything
We use it for delivery only makes things easier then typing in the card over the phone, and costs less

Is this just for your deliveries? I thought you were with vantiv.

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Just deliveries.

I use Vantiv for pickups

Does Square integrate for UberEats/Grubhub that you know of? I’m buying a business that had a POS system already in place and paid for but doesn’t integrate, so I was going to add a kitchen POS system for just deliveries/carryouts. Just want everything to be automated so I’m not hiring 2-3 people for peak times to put orders in manually plus I love online ordering and can’t stand phone orders anymore lol!

Do you have them use their own phones for deliveries or what do they use? If so they put the app on their phone but then can they go into your account?

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