Square POS????

anyone using it for your shops, online, delivery?

We used it for our donut shop. The donut shop was too much work after 6-8 weeks with growing pizza sales so we bagged it. It was a very nice system for that business. If you are interested, we have it factory reset already. It includes the customer display with chip reader, cash drawer and printer. Feel free to DM me. Squares support is actually really really helpful

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Yes, we use it for a Non-Petro C-Store w/Pizza. Not really sure if you could integrate it with Online transactions? It would be simple for delivery drivers to do transactions with it. The new processing fees are 2.6% + 10 cents. (Used to be 2.75% Flat)

We use Square for our delivery’s. But only for allowing customers to use credit card at the door. It’s really convenient for tips because you can set
percentages, or custom. I want to upgrade to a more formal POS/ delivery pos system, but square is good for startups.

Yes. I use square in my food trailer. Also been doing the online ordering with them for 5 years. We just upgraded from the square store to a weebly square store and its been great. We also use fresh kds for kitchen screens.