Square Register

Anybody have any experience with the Square Register? I recently started “playing” around with it. So far, I’m satisfied with it. It’s not as robust as a full-on POS, but it’s not nearly as expensive either. Just want to see how it’s working in your shop.

i use Square to process my cc, but the Register aspect is a far substitute for a true usefull POS

I used Square for about 8 months, and I used their “register” app too. I liked them, I liked them alot at first. I used Square with a standard cash register, and also a POS system too. It had it’s good points, and it had it’s bad points. The bad outweighed the good so I switched.
I did like being able to print an actual paper receipt through my ethernet printer for customers that requested a hard copy of their CC receipt.

My first bad experience with Square was when a cashier accidentally over-charged a customer, I caught the discrepancy at close, I found I was unable to do a partial refund without the card present, I was also unable to get in touch with Square tech support. Upon e-mailing tech support (their only contact method) I got a canned response 48 hours later, I get another e-mail off to them, and that produced another canned response.
By the time a live person was actually reached, I was told by them that it was now too late to do a partial refund, but If I would have contacted them earlier, it may have been possible. (I tried contacting them Immediately after the overcharge was found) I asked for them to contact the card holder to inform them they have been overcharged, and they had a store credit, Square refused to do that, I asked for a name on the card, they refused that too. So I had a customer overcharged, and I could not fix it and not know who it was to apologize to them and make it right.

I have multiple cashiers using their own till on the same terminal, and I was unable to separate Square CC payments between the 2 tills, so reconciliation was very difficult trying to match up charges to each drawer, I had to go through each and every charge and mark them with initials to try to get things to match up.

Then a few weeks later, I get an e-mail from Square stating that they need my personal Social security number, I explained that my business is an S-Corp and funds are deposited into my business account only, and that I am unable to attach my personal SSN to that account for various legal reasons.
Then later the same day, I get notice that due to my volume, they need more paperwork completed, and again the personal SS number attached to that account or I would not be able to use their service.

I use Point of Success, and I called Mercury Payment and got set up with them, they offered to match the Square rates, I stated that I am not looking to do a lateral move, but to instead lower me fees, they obliged and I have been very happy ever since.
Yes, I still have cashiers charging wrong amounts, or wrong tickets being charged to the wrong customer, But Mercury handles it very promptly and in a very friendly manner through their 1-800 Number.

I’ve been a square customer, and my life became way easier when I built my POS system with point of success.

Try it, see if Square works for you, it’s not going to cost you any money to try it, But be ready to upgrade like I did.