St. Louis Style Pizza Sauce — Help Needed!

Greetings All!

Any St. Louis Style fans, enthusiasts, or experts here!?

I hail from St. Louis and currently reside in Arizona. It’s been a few years since I’ve gone home but got to know the owner of Angelo’s in Blackjack quite well. This is the region of St. Louis Style that I am after. Although I’ll probably start an argument, and for the sake of ease, I will group Angelo’s, Pirrone’s, Faraci’s, and Serra’s in with each other. This is the North County St. Louis pizza taste that I’m after.

I’m looking to recreate Angelo’s, or any of the above’s sauce. I know that they are using Stanislaus Full Red Extra Heavy Tomato Puree and Full Red California Tomato Paste. I’ve attached a pic below.

This sauce is very simple and does not look to contain anything but is so incredibly flavorable. I would sincerely appreciate any help or experience with pointing me in the right direction on how I can create this style sauce. Much appreciated!

Try adding oregano, basil, fennel and a touch of sugar to your sauce. Adjust the amounts to taste. The commercial sauces never season it enough because they make their sauces for a wider audience.
However I am from south St Louis so I so have very little experience with north county pizzas.

Tom FromThe Hill

Thanks for the reply Tom. Yes unfortunately, there is quite a bit of difference between the South County/South City taste and the North County style that I am referring to.

One thing that I did notice, from simple research, is that all of the pizzerias that I referenced above is that they are all using these steam kettles/vats. It looks as if they are cooking all of these sauces covered and not allowing them to reduce. Any experience with these? I appreciate it Tom.