St. Patrick's Day Sales

Today the weather was gorgeous, people flocked to the parades and bars. We were beyond dead. Is this normal? Or just us? What do you notice normally about St. Patrick’s Day sales?

In the past it was just an average day. But this year was slow…

We’re a “family friendly Pub”, just a kiss of the Irish. We’re also full line menu so it’s not a good indicator of the pizza side of the world, but we were PACKED tonight! Who knew so many folks craved corned beef & cabbage. We’ve also introduced a “reuben pizza” this month that is starting to take off, did a fair number of those tonight as well.

We were busy, I was shocked. I was not expecting to be busy since we are a del/co. I think alot of it had to do with college basketball.

We had our slowest ever, but we’ve been VERY VERY slow for 2-3 weeks I don’t know whats happening but local bus. still laying off, gas isnt helping, economy still slow, catering still stagnant?