St. Patrick's

Looking for ideas…
Free Green Toppings?
Corned Beef and Cabbage Pizza? (kidding)

Not kidding as much as you might think. I’ve seen a CB and C pizza somehwere before, but cannot remember where. I did not get one. I’m looking at how to make a corned beef pizza with maybe cabbage and maybe even just onions and bacon.

Gonna be checking the recipe sites this weekend.

nick my cugino(cousin), wants to make the same pizza, he said he heard or had it some where before , i think it would be a hit, but other than that were goin to try a rubin pizza
and nick , if you ever been to the piza expo , please let us know if you think we would learn something thier , thanks , scott.

Actually, the cabbage I was looking into using would be rinsed sauerkraut. That is already cooked, and tender. Plus less water to sog the pizza. A little bit of onion, rinsed/drained/dried kraut, orned beef and a little bit of bacon. That is what I’ll start my testing with.

Not been to the Expos yet. I believe they can be a huge benefit if you go with a beginning idea what you want to learn, and are flexible to learn what opportunity presents to you.

Let me know how that goes! Sounds kind of interesting…