st pats day

i along with my business partner just finished our budget for 2010 and while we were finishing we were talking about next years advertising. It started as a joke then became a somewhat serious idea. we sell a big clover pizza through march and were thinking about hiring some little people to be leprichauns(?) to go with our drivers on deliveries on st pattys day. we are a family store and certainly do not want to offend anyone. however after watching recent tv ad’s with little people as elves i’m not sure it is such a bad idea. i think children would like it as well as drum up some publicity. i don’t even know were i stand on this idea but thought the pizza masterminds at tt could give me a few opinions. thanks in advance.

I’d think that one over for a bit. Seems like it is ripe for misunderstandings.


One of the more successful promos I did with my shop was in conjunction with Saint Baldricks. We raised a lot of money for children’s cancer research and I introduced my shop to a lot of new people. It would have easily doubled in size if I had kept my shop and kept it up.

There is an assocoation of little people (Little People of You might try contacting them to get their response/blessings on your idea. If they give you a thumbe up, they might also put you into contact with some members in your local area.
Just a thought.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor