Stacking non-matching ovens

So i still have this Marsal. Meantime, i picked up a BP dp125. it has the same approximate dimensions as the Marsal. The vent on the Marsal is dead center at the back. The vent on the BP is on the left rear. I was hoping to stack the BP on top of the Marsal and purchase shorter legs. I could simply stack them and leave the BP hanging over the front 4-5" or if I should maybe place angle-iron on top of the Marsal so the overhanging 4-5" has some support. Any thoughts or input or am I just crazy??

Thanks in advance.


Sorry Patrick I am going to lean towards crazy on this one. Now I have neither ovens, but I am sure they are reinforced on the corners so that when they stack their 1400-2000 pounds of weight, it is distributed vertically down those 7 or 10 guage legs they use. If you offset you have killed that relationship between top and bottom and you now have an off balanced tower…even with the angle iron. Not too mention your employees now reaching past a 4-6" hot oven edge to get to the other oven. This has disaster written all over it and if you had a burn or say worse, an oven fell… well, good luck with that one. Not too mention I bet warranty would come into play here if you had a structural problem. You are better off selling the Marsal if it is still an issue, since you bought a BP, and stack two of them correctly. I would be hard pressed to think anyone here would think this stacking would be acceptable. - Michael

I agree with Mike not a good Idea.

George Mills