Staff Christmas Gifts

I am wondering what everyone does for staff Christmas gifts/bonuses. In the past I have given movie passes, hoodies, or iTunes cards. Usually the gift has a value of around $25.

We give restaurant gift cards plus some cash. This year I’ll be giving hoodies as well. Amount of cash given is dependent on their length of employment.

We have had a little party in the restaurant and trade with another restaurant for food (bbq, chinese, mexican etc.) and I also give the staff a small gift card to Starbucks or Jamba Juice.

We had our Christmas party at The Olive Garden. We paid for their meals and their guests meals and also pulled names out of a bag for prizes. Everyone won a prize of a $25 gift card and some lucky people won $50 cards and $100 cards.

This week on payroll they get a bonus based on how many hours per week and how long they have worked for us.

In our shop we decorate for Christmas and put up stockings with each person’s name on one. Our staff has a great time and look forward to this every year.

We give Chamber gift certificates which can be redeemed at any Chamber Member business.

This year we are making jackets along with the gift cards we give out.

In the past we have done hoodies and sweat shirts and nothing at all. This year we are giving 2 new shirts (new color) and that is it. All we can afford and they need new shirts so it kills two birds with one stone.

Mangagers will get a small monetary bonus.

Kris I know it is a tough time for many in this business…I hear it when I talk to my clients…

But killing two birds with one stone does not reward or motivate your staff…They too may be suffering with lower pay than they would like or lower tips…So where possible you should give them a gift that is not a tool for your business…That extra appreciation will come back in extra effort and enthusiasm…Your idea of a gift may end up being demoralizing and counter productive…

I agree this video may shed a light on the situation.

Buy each of them a better house.

I usually do a $25 gift card to a store or restaurant they each like and also give a cash bonus that week. If any of them work on christmas eve with me I give another bonus for the work on that day based off of sale %.

Our standard bonus, as long as they work Xmas thru New years is: $100/per year of service for full time, $50/yr per year of service for part-time. On top of that, we host an Xmas party where gifts are exchanged and bonus cash is awarded. This might not be the model for all, but its working for us, at least through this year. *Bonuses are awarded in cash. (for payroll, we have to ‘up’ the gross.)

All we can afford

Perhaps you missed that part. My number one priority and indebtedness to them is to continue to provide the job I hired them to do. I really don’t think any employee or any person for that matter will feel more appreciated by a 25 dollar gift card. Appreciation is something you should practice all year long.

I have told all my employees (and my family) instead of buying me something pay extra on a credit card or your house. I can’t tell you how many candles, candy, movies, gift cards we have gotten over the years and I couldn’t tell you who gave me what or when. But I can tell you my employees appreciated when I let them leave early and covered their shift cuz they were having this or that and blah blah. Somewhere along the way people feel entitled to gifts and if its not just what they think they deserve (which I definately couldn’t afford) then it is an insult.

Just my two cents.

Jesus is the reason for the season…he has blessed me with a terrific staff and I feel they feel blessed to be a part of our work family…if its not enough…they are probably better off working in a restaurant where they are a number.

With only 1fultime (manager) staff and the rest casual (some only doing 1 shift and most only 2) we give the fulltime a sizeable dollar bonus. One of my piza makers works nearlyfulltime hours and will also get $$ as well as movie tickets and a box of chocolates. All staff get chocolates and movie tickets.

I agree with Kris that what we give all year is what counts mosts. Too many people are conditioned to the receiver/taker mentality, especially here where we are in a fairly affluent society where success is measured by how big your house, car and boat is.


You still got a slot for me if I get fired by my staff for not having enough $$$ to give anything away as gifts? I ain’t pretty, but I can make a pizza as ordered . . . and do the work of three half-witted teens :slight_smile: I could use some chocolates and movie tix.

I’m up for a new manager and 2 drivers after Christmas. I can’t really say my manager (my daughter) is half witted as that reflects back on her biological development of which I was a major part (I think I was anyway), but drivers, well that is another story. I think you could fill the managers job and Kim I hear is good at driving. Heck we even have spare rooms at our house just 200 mtrs from the store. The movies are 30 mtrs away from our store and we always have plenty of chocolates around. Start Tuesday 4th January.


Dangit Dave I thought I was getting one of the delivery jobs??? :cry:

Will you fly me out Dave???