Staff Christmas Gifts

Da you give your staff Christmas gifts? If so what do you give?

I will be giving my staff movie passes plus movie rentals from the movie store next door.

In the past we have given bonuses, amounts based months worked and weighted by job performance. Smallest bonus was $25 for relatively new hires, going up to $250 for those that made life easy for us. Last year the budget precluded that, we were happy to be making payroll and the employees understood the situation. This year we will be able to do it again, but not at the amounts we used to do.

We do not do a Christmas party, but we do invite the crew to our home on near years eve for a party with a lot of food they don’t have to prepare and about 45 minutes of fireworks. Our neighbors only know we exist twice a year, New Years and Fourth of July :twisted:


We give gift certificates from our local chamber of commerce that can be redeemed at any member business to our key holders. $100 each to managers and $25 each to everyone else.

We pay bonuses throughout the year so the holiday thing is just something to say thanks.

We give our staff a box of chocolates and a movie pass. Our manager gets a substantial bonus.

We will be having a staff get together after the ne year when it is a bit quieter and all staff are available.


We will be throwing our staff a xmas party where we will be giving the waitstaff gift certificates for a massage and bonuses to our kitchen staff.

We give our staff a Christmas Bonus from us, based on time on job and level. We also give them a Profit Bonus from the business in January, based on goal attained. In August, we also hold an Employee Appreciation Dinner for them at a nice restaurant.

We are giving our staff hoodies with our logo and having a x mas party. This will be the first xmas party we have had in 14 years.

They love the hoodies and they serve a dual purpose because they actually wear them and it is good exposure of our name.

We found doing the hoodies get a better reaction than a small cash bonus.


That is an awesome idea!

This is what I did last year but I have most of the same staff and I waited too long to get them made up.

I also had them made for my grand children and that is a real big advertising bonus. When ever my daughters takes the kids 2yrs and 3yrs out shopping they wear the hoodies so they can be easily identified.

We have most of the same staff too, I just choose a different color hoodie, one year we just got regular sweatshirts. This year I waited way too long but I buy them from custom ink and they have the fastest turn around ever. I ordered them last wed and they will be here by the end of the week. Unbelievable. And the shipping was free!


I give out a bonus based on hours worked per week. Manager gets extra. We have a party. This year I took everyone and there “guest” to Olive Garden for a nice dinner. At the dinner I pulled names for gift cards from various business’s like WalMart. Everyone said they loved it. I take a picture of all employees at the dinner and than post it at the Pizza Shop with the words “Merry Christmas from our family to yours”.
We also have a gift exchange.

Oh, really like this one. Next year for sure!

Do you take them to LeMont ?