Staff Training

What process does everyone use when training new hires? Do you have a training manual or do you just have the manager or other staff show them around and let them pick it up as they go?

We have always had such a small staff, that we kind of just show them around and have them work side by side with us. But now that I am trying to move to a more reasonable work schedule that frees me up to work on the big picture more, I’m looking for a better way. I know I am a more list oriented person or else things can slip through the cracks. It can be a month in and I realize I never showed an employee how to do something because it hasn’t come up or I’ve just done it myself.

I’m curious what process everyone uses for training.

When it comes to training new staff I never let the just pick things up from other staff. I do a walk through with the new person then have the manager (my daughter) do all the training. We do have written guidelines for everything but some people learn better by being shown then watched while learning. The main reason for managers doing the training rather than staff is when something is not done correctly the excuse of “Joe told me to do it that way” is not valid.

I train new hires myself and I also have staff help out. I show them the staff rules and their duties and let them know what is expected of them. I train them how I want them answering phones and how to handle and speak to customers and for delivery drivers how they should speak and interact with customers while on delivery. Computers clean up and pulling pizzas and packing orders I let the staff do it and just supervise that part. I have thought of making a list as well because im always forgetting things as well until they come up. What I do have though is a script on what to say when answering phones and going through the order taking process so that everyone sounds polite and professional (you would be surprised how some of the kids talk to people and dont think anything of it).

I do the initial training, then i tell them who to direct questions to after that. When i see them do something wrong, i ask them why they did it that way. If they say, so and so told me, then i know who to go and retrain also.

I think you should hand over their responsibility after 1 week. Because you will save enough time for them to give training during a week for practice.