Staffing issues

What is everyone plan moving forward? Are you cutting hours back? Maybe online only? Eliminating any menu items?

We are cutting back hours where necessary to match available labor. We have also noticed that on nights like Friday and Saturday when we might be short employees that our quality takes a step down because it is so hectic. Now experimenting with taking certain small ticket and/or time consuming items off the menu on those nights.

Let us know how that works,

So far what I’ve done is disable the phone orders with a message to order online. We’ve done ok with this, but it definitely hurts my sales. We’ve been busier now than during lock down. I hired a kid, trained him, and put him on schedule for shift that starts at 4 pm. He then showed at 450, with an ‘excuse’. Next shift 530. Tried to find out why, he stripped his uniform off, and told me he didn’t need this shit, and walked.

I guess you can’t expect them to show up for work.

I closed on Tuesdays. When we are short staffed I add 10 minutes to pick up times and delivery times. If we are still getting behind I’ll add another 10 minutes to each order type. When we are too short staffed I cut off deliveries. My motto is “No service is better than bad service”

We streamlined our menu offerings and sizes and removed anything that was labor intensive. We only opened a portion of our dining room that is covered by the counter person in a fast casual manner so we never brought back servers & bussers. We removed the day dishwasher/salad position and split up the duties amongst remaining employees. Finally we setup an action button on our Pizza Cloud phone system to let customers know that we cannot accept any phone orders and to order online.

The plan:

  1. Raise prices without worrying that it might reduce volume.
  2. Put increased revenue toward raises for current staff to retain them and attract more.
  3. Restructure to increase efficiency and reduce labor by purchasing equipment (dough rounder, dough divider) and removing overlap (prep for 3 stores done at 1 location, moved in refrigerated Ford Transit van).
  4. Wash, lather, rinse, repeat until volume and staffing sync up.

Whats everyone starting new hires at?

I just started a 19year old at $18/hr. Started two weeks ago, ive had to be beyond accommodating its infuriating.

My plan is similar to Brads.
Im eliminating anything that is a pain to make(Steak Tips, Pasta) Within the next few months

I pay $15 now. Probably $18 after tip jar though. I got rid of Stromboli and Calzone, cause is just a slow process and complicated to teach.

I’m struggling with the same issue.I had 30 confirmed interviews and only 5 showed and only one is a good Candidate for the position, and believe it or not they never showed for their shift. I’m really thinking about selling the Business that’s how Frustrated I am. Good luck!

I’m doing the math now on streamlining, we have a lot of labor intensive items. I need to push harder on moving phone orders to online, time spent on phones is killing me. I’ve been pushing to online, jus need to get even more aggressive.

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something that worked well for us to convert phone orders to online is to only allow online orders to be eligible for our loyalty program. Furthermore, we require the use of our email offers to only be valid for online orders

That’s a couple of good suggestions. Ill have to see if I can limit that way, or offer different levels based on order origination

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I stopped setting up interviews. No one ever shows up and it was wasting my time. I now ask them a few questions over the phone

Are you over 18?
Do you have a valid drivers license?
Do you own a registered and insured vehicle?
Are you looking for PT or FT?
How many hour a week would you like?
What is your availability?
What is your desired rate of pay?
When would you be able to start?

I ask a few more questions about their work history. If they match what I’m looking for I set a start date right there and then.

I will hire 2-3 people to start the same week on different days. Who ever shows up gets hired. If they all show up then I get to pick and choose.

I hire everyone who comes through the door.

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We’ve shut down certain parts of our menu early to get part of the cleaning done ahead of time.
We never set aside time for interviews. We just set times when we have management “available” to do them. No big deal if they don’t show up then.
I’m constantly looking to increase current employee pay but it’s so difficult when they miss shifts, constantly late, etc.
Bought the Cheese Shredder (was using the Robo Coupe vetercal cutter), just placed an order for a rounder, finally considering a conveyor . . .
Stopped taking deliveries 1/2 to close
Thinking no more dine-in orders 1/2 to close

Did you get the cheese hog? Have you received it yet? Ours is great

I made the move to conveyor. We.still shred cheese on Hobart, will look at new cheese hog. Rounder a big expense for a small independent like me

Yes, just received the cheese hog last week and getting it wired up tomorrow.

Definitely looking forward to the rounder. Anything to make it easier on people.

Rough night tonight with minimal staff. Think it just tipped things toward paring down the menu further. . . Probably going to rethink the planned remodel as well. Landscape is changing

Just to interject, if anyone else is need of Cheese Hog to help with labor costs, we are building these machines again. Please reach out to us at to inquire about new machines. Also, please visit our site at

Thank you