staffing ?

anyone with a 3K pizza/bar or advise on kitchen staffing? 79 seats,19 bar stools, pizza,entrees,apps,.im the owner manager of pizza side would like to know how many people you would i wrong to want a pizza maker/cook and a kithchen cook? are hours are M,T,TH,FRI,SAT,S. 11am-10pm.what do you guys have.thanks for any advise. and more than one in each position due to the long hours?rotation or full/part time.getting sick?

To do 3K we would have 4 plus a manager in the kitchen during the rush. Three on the line, one tender and kitchen manager. Does not include phones. Drivers would do the dishes and sides.

3k-6k 1 pizza maker, 1 saute/grill, 1 fryer/cold station, 1 dishwasher, 1 prep/weed eater( can help all 4 stations)
Manager in front of house, saute chef incharge of kitchen (head Chef). That’s what I staff for 3k-6k per day, in your post I wasn’t sure if you were asking per week.What

im sorry i meant the sq footage was 3K.but your info was very helpful. but how many hours do you give to each based on a 11hr day? thanks if i may ask what is your payroll a week im in N.J

Im in Nj, too. My payroll runs different depending on the month ,Jan-March very slow crew,April-June we start to get busy , July to Christmas were are rocken’ out.What

Square footage does not have much to do with staffing. How much sales are you doing? How many orders? How many tickets? That is what determines how many hands you need to get the job done. Heck, I can run the whole kitchen myself if nothing is going on and five people can’t do it when we are slammed.

Dancing circles around all of them…I’m with you on this.

I agree with Bode that it really depends and you probably won’t be able to really gauge that until you’ve been in business a while. However, if you’re looking at specific payroll costs, you probably want to staff hourly labor around 13-16% assuming your employees are trained well enough to handle the odd rush. We assume a basic $8 per hour projection when determining the store hours for the week (lot of hourly employees paid $7.15 but a few making $10-12). So, if we plan to do 10K in a week, it’s $10,000 * 15% (or whatever hourly labor rate you’re shooting for), divided by $8, so we’d aim to staff 187.5 hours that week for hourly staff. Obviously you can drop the number of hourly managers (higher pay) if you put more hours on a salaried general manager or you work the store yourself more often. I wouldn’t split those 187.5 hours evenly across the seven days either. Probably staff an extra person for Friday and Saturday dinner rushes and cut back for the slower times on Sunday and Monday.

Hope this gets at what you were looking for.