Staging stretched dough

I want to stage up to 10 pizzas - just the stretched dough, so we can grab them during the busiest time of the night. What is the best way to do this without the dough drying out and adversely effecting the final product? Are there any other concerns I should be worried about?

We stage on a pizza pan rack. I would coat the dough slightly with olive oil, cover the rack with a can liner, and then depending on how long it will be till you need to use them put them under refrigeration. We typically leave them out at room temp.

I also use a rack, my market is 80% pepperoni only; so we prep ahead with sauce, cheese and pepperoni, and cover with can liner, as long as kept from excessive ambient heat (+80 F), and / or forced airflow (from hood/ hvac / makeup air) we don’t experience drying or degradation until after 60+ minutes, also consider that our dough is refrigerated.

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