Stainless steel backsplash

My place is in an old building and everything is getting dated. My walls in my kitchen need to be spiced up and painting is not gonna work. Im thinking of putting a stainless steel backsplash about half way up the wall then painting the rest. Stainless steel would be a lot easier to keep clean. Kind of like a diner look. anybody have any experience in this?

Not sure what you are asking. How we like it? How easy to clean? How to do it?

Costly for sure…I’d almost go with the Marlite/FRP panels - you might just be able to glue/affix them on the wall… … anels.aspx

How much do you need to cover? a 4x8 sheet of good quality SS can run as high as $400 a sheet. I just did my whole place in Marlite FRP, but it is smooth, not the bumpy textured stuff you can buy at Home Depot. The place that carries it by me had two types. The cheaper of the two you can see the fiber strands in the piece but is still smooth to the touch. The more expensive stuff looks almost completely smooth like glass and a 4x8 sheet of that stuff is about $60.

Good Luck with your project, we just updated our 25 year old walls and it looks 100% better.


Oh, it is expensive! In our second restaurant, the city required it behind our entire hot line - behind ranges, fryers and pizza ovens. - from the floor all the way up to the hood. There is 22 feet of it and I believe it was around $2,000 installed.

Do you have an open kitchen? If yes, I’d say the stainless steel look would be well worth the price. If not I think you could get by with a much more economical solution.

Always interesting to find out what one person considers expensive, another considers good value.

We have a SS back splash all along our dough table and added it around a corner where our VCM sits. It cost about $300 to add it for an area 10’ by 4’ for smooth steel sheet. It was very easy to install with silicone adheasive and has required no additional maintainance in the 5-6 years since we installed it.

We REPLACED another synthetic product that had gotten srcatched up, faintly stained and had become nearly impossible to really get clean. The steel is easy to clean, very tough, looks good. Sure I could have put something else there for $100. Five years later, the extra $200 spent looks good to me!

I would not consider anything but steel. Contact some steel fabricators (I got my referral from my US Foods rep) and give them the dimensions you need. Don’t buy through a retailer, that should get the pricing down where it needs to be.