Stainless Steel Tables

We currently have 4 extra stainless steel tables that we are looking to sell. 2 8’ ones with a backsplash and 2 6 footers without a backsplash. I’ve seen a large range online for prices on these. Any input on what I should be selling them for?

Hi Marz:

Generally speaking used items are selling for about 1/2 of what you paid for them.

George Mills

Maybe if you are a dealer . . .

Otherwise you just have to get lucky and list them right when someone is looking for them “in your area”. Maybe try listing them as 30 day auctions or anything longer than the 7 or 10 day terms.

I sold several 5’ tables for $50 each.

I am with Charles. If you find someone who happens to really need what you have, you might get $100 each for the long ones. The last time I bought a steel table it was a smaller one for our dough making station. I paid $40.

Where are you located? I could use a couple in the Seaatle area.