Stanislaus/ Escalon comparison link

for all uf us discussing Stanislaus and Escalon tomato products, here is a link that gives comparable products from the two companies


NOW, MY QUESTION: anybody use either of these two comparable prepared pizza sauces: Stanislaus Full Red Pizza Sauce w/Basil, UPC # 01211,
and/or Escalon Bella Rossa Pizza Sauce w/Basil, UPC # 30140 ?

I plan on buying a case of each for comparison.
I venture to guess that any differnece would be slight.

appreciate any feedback from anybody using either one of these two quality products
…I hope the UPC numbers help the comparison…


funny this topic would come up at a time like this, but i’m in the middle of a change over as we speak from stanisalus to escalon.

we currently use stanislaus sapporito super heavy, but due to stanislaus’ unwillingness to allow us to continue to purchase their product thru a different distributor, we’ll have to change to a new sauce base. it really is a pity that stanisalus chooses to “stick up for the little guy” only in regards to their distributors, and not be loyal to the actual businesses that put their product in people’s mouths…but that’s another rant alltogether

i’ll have my escalon samples next week, so i’ll post back and list my findings


according to the comparison chart, the most comparable Escalon product is the Bonta Concentrated Cruched, UPC # 30150

good luck with the change over and let us know how it goes,

yeah, we hate to switch. our family has been using the sapporito for over 25 years, and they dont really care if we change to something else or not. its a shame they choose to run their business that way

You’re getting that from Stanislaus - and not from the current distributor?
I am surprised - Stanislaus has a reputation for excellent service - they answer the phone, they call back. Heck, even BESIDES the regular mailings, I think I get a phone call or actual visit from them about every 3-4 months. Just to check that I’m happy. And I’m pretty small…

yep, i reminded the regional sales rep of all those things when i had my chat with her earlier this week.

to make a long story short, we use 2 distributors to get our supplies for our shop. one is US foods and the other is a smaller “one man show” type of company. we get the majority of our supplies from US foods, but use the other small one for specialty items such as meats and stanislaus product.

the mom and pop distributor just decided to stop delivering to our area (been delivering to us for 25 years, mind you). his decision was based on another client in our area that he “lost the contract” on. so, he decides that he’s not coming anymore. no offer to come less frequently, no offer to work out some type of arrangement…nothing…and we find out from the delivery guy, not even the owner. :roll:

so fine, i think thats a bonehead move, but oh well. i call my rep at us foods to see about getting them to bring in stanislaus stuff for us. he says, no prob, our buyer brings in stanislaus for a few other clients. then i get a call from my rep at us foods saying the buyer cant process getting us setup until a get a ‘purchase agreement’ from stanislaus. odd, but alright. i call, get told that they dont like selling to us foods because they are “too big” and that they look out for the little guy, like my mom and pop distributor. they said they would make an exception for us if we would commit to buying 2000 cases per year. we currently only go through about 500-600 per year. so i say, “you’re willing to lose a customer that has been loyal for 25 years to another manufacturer?” she says “i guess so”

so, in the end, stanislaus is commited to protecting shoddy small independent ditributors like the one i was using, above helping and supporting the real reason distributors carry the product in the first place…guys like us that feed the stuff to their customers.

ok, my rant is done :roll:

For what it’s worth, there may be another distributor in the area that carries Stanislaus…sounds like you are between the rock and the hard place…
I am sure you can find an Escalon, or for that matter, perhaps another company that can serve you well.

opportunity to make a change and it can be for the better,
good luck,

yeah, i hear ya otis. i’m only bitter about the whole thing because its completely inconsistent with the message they are always pumping out about how they’re committed to their customers and all the rest of what now amounts to lip service. when it comes down to it, our family has spent at least 25 years convincing our customers that the taste and style of sauce we use is supreme, and now i’ve gotta go reverse engineer it just because stanislaus wants to protect their ‘little guys’

hey wait…i’m a little guy too…hahahaha

BTW, i’ve went the route of looking for other distribution to bring in stanislaus, but no go for where i’m at. frankly at this point, i’m done with trying to convince them that my money is green enough to allow them to “please sell your stuff to me”…

this is a good lesson for guys just getting into this biz…make sure the products you go with have good solid distribution, or you’ll end up like me scrambling to reformulate your recipes

I am a little confused as to why you can not get it…Has your local food service broker been cut out of the loop?..Who is Stanislaus trying to protect?..

Tyson it is probably not necessary to tell you that tomato sauce and how you alter it to your recipe is the most important thing a successful pizzeria has going for it…Changing a sucessful recipe can not be taken lightly…Especially after 25 years…

Perhaps an alternative would be to buy it by the skid from another distibutor and get it shipped in by a truckline…This may mean a higher outlay of cash than is comfortable, however, your future is at stake…

Good luck…Royce…

We’ve switched from Saporito to Bonta and back a few times, as we’ve switched distributors. Not a single mention from a customer about a difference. What you will find is that a case of Bonta will yeild a little bit more than a case of Saporito as it will be a little bit thicker. We never bothered to adjust our spice pack, but you may want to consider adjusting slightly.

thats awesome news paul, thanks for the tip. if i can keep from having to adjust my spice pack, that would be great

The first time we switched to Bonta, we were mixing 5 cans of it and yeilding very close to the same as 6 cans of Saporito. The last time we used it, it was thinner than before and we used all 6 cans and yeilded slightly more.

thanks for adding to these posts
Please clear me up…Between the 6 different Bontas and the 6 different Saporitos, were you using the Bonta Pizza sauce w/Basil(30110) and the Saporito Pizza Sauce w/Basil(02241) ?

I hate to have to be so detailed but it is the only way I know which ones.

As for me, I am looking for something simple and convenient…
my customer base is mostly retired and older, prefering something milder, maybe the other end of the stick from your more jet-set younger crowd in Gainesville,
hope all’s going well,

You are speaking from both sides of your mouth. Maybe, if you were loyal to the “little” distributor instead of throwing the majority of your money at US foods, the “little” guy would still be able to deliver in your area.

Just another thought…
maybe someone is going to take over the “route” of the small distributor who just left, and would service you,
sounds like an opportunity for someone if they wanted to enter or expand the distribution business

wow, i am surprised that you would say soething like that having zero knowledge of how this distributor has been treating us over the years.

lets see, we used to get our pizza boxes thru the ‘little guy’, but he kept sending us bundles that looked like he ran the forks of a fork lift thru them, and the plastic sheath were half ripped off and dirty…hmm, cant sell those, so i cant get boxes thru him…US foods to the rescue

also, we used to use the ‘little guy’ for our cheese. then we started getting cheese that hadnt been aged long enough, green, and wouldnt melt right. a call to my trusty ‘little guy’ results in him telling us that we should use his ‘old secret’ which is to leave the cheese sitting out on the counter over night, and that’s speed up the aging process. hmm, isnt there a reason that the packages say “dairy product, keep refridgerated”?. ok, not we cant trust this joker to get dairy thru, cause who knows how often he uses his little “secret” before we get the product? i cant risk getting customers sick just so i can support his shoddy business practices.

and then, we used to get our canadian bacon thru this guy…but the rolls would be gauged and told, so the juices would be leaking out when they were delivered…yep, his refridgerated box truck doesnt get all that cold, so the stuff that was supposed to be near-frozen, was nice and thawed out by the time they got to us…cant serve that to customers, us food to the rescue.

oh, and there was the fontaninni products we were getting from him…specialty spicy sausage and meatballs. he never could get them in on a consistent basis. we would even tell him WEEKS in advance before we needed them, but he always seemed to have forgotten to put the order to them in on time. i cant run my business based on inconsistency like that, so again, us foods gets my money.

so, pizzatime, i suggest you put your internet muscles away and take the time to get more info about a situation before you wanna get righteous


I tell it the way I see it. I don’t believe a word you say. You also claim that you have been a loyal customer for 25 years–ya right. I have been in this business a long time and know that if any of the below problems happened to me, this distributor would be gone. You are a price shopper and not loyal to those that have made you- I see it all the time. I had GFS kissing my behind to get my business by offering a lower price on Grande- I will not whore myself out. You are the “little guy” in this just like the rest of us - lets keep it in the family.


so anyone who goes with another supplier because of lower prices is a whore? Get real.

1st. Your site looks good.

2nd. The pizza business has given me a lifestyle that I could of never obtained in corporate America. I would never hope for someone else’s failures in this business like you have.

3rd. The answer is yes, fire away with the questions my friend.