Stanislaus full red pizza sauce

Hi everyone!
I will be running the food service at a beach club on the Jersey shore this summer. I have 37 years in the restaurant industry but. no experience making pizza (which will be offered at the club).
A friend in the pizza business suggested I use Stanislaus Full Red Pizza Sauce to lighten my work load.
What’s anyone’s thoughts on that product?

If you are looking for a very easy “plug n Play” sauce that is right from the can, than this is the sauce for you.

Keep in mind that Stanislaus makes a full red pizza sauce with basil and a full red, fully prepared pizza sauce. Use the full red, fully prepared pizza sauce right out of the can-it’s a quality sauce. The full red pizza sauce with basil is a heavier sauce that will need water as well as spices added.

Thank you! I was told by a long time pizzeria owner/friend to do as follows:
4 #10 cans full red
2 #10 cans water
8 oz. garlic powder
4 oz. salt
1 oz. black pepper
blend & refrigerate

Anyone’s thoughts? Sounds like alot of water to me but, his product is tasty & he’s been in business for years.

Looks to be a pretty standard pizza sauce which should do you good. You can adjust the water for the thickness you desire.

We use the full red with basil … it’s a very thick base for sauce. For each can of sauce we use a can of water.

I haven’t had a Stanislaus product that wasn’t great. IMO, you can’t go wrong.
I use their "Full Red extra heavy puree, thin it slightly with water, and add some dried flavor to it, and it has never let me down

If you like the flavor and consistency of the prepared sauce, that will give you one less thing to worry about an employee screwing up your product consistency

Stanislaus Trivia: Back in 2010 I did some research as the search for ingredients was in full swing. When a tasting of several Stanislaus products impressed (the tastings even included some San Marzanos), I checked them out. First, the name comes from the California county where much of their product is grown, and second, their tomatoes are picked, processed into their various products and canned ALL WITHIN 6 HOURS … I’m convinced that much of their freshness quotient can be traced directly to needing only that 6 hour period.

I love stanislaus! their product is always top notch! and everyone i have ever talked to their is super nice they even sent me t shirts once just for telling them i love their products. also, they sell Corto olive oil…also a great product!