Stanislaus Full Red sauce to Canada?

Hi there,

I’m just a retail consumer in Canada, not a pizzeria; but I love using Stanislaus’s Full Red Pizza Sauce when I make my own pizzas at home. Trouble is, there are no places to buy the sauce locally here in Nova Scotia or nearby–and I only rarely get the chance to travel to the States to buy cases of it. Does anyone know where I might be able to order cases of the Full Red online, that might ship to Canada? I know the shipping would be expensive, but quality is worth it :slight_smile:


There are no retail places to get Stanislaus products they sell only to food service suppliers. Your best chance of getting it is through a local pizza place that uses theit products. GFS and Sysco both carry it in Canada.

Actually, in the States at least, there’s a few cash and carry places that will sell it retail. PennMac also sells it retail, although the shipping cost here to Canada is enormous.

I know I may be grasping at straws, but I was hoping to find a place (perhaps US-based) that would be able to ship it retail to Canada for something less than an arm and a leg :slight_smile:

PennMac is in Pittsburgh - shipping is not cheap.

I have purchased product for customers from my vendor. Daddio’s direction is the way to go.