Stanislaus Heavy Pizza Sauce

Has anyone heard about a quality issue with Stanislaus. Heard from my supplier there was, also been trying to get from RD, for the last month, its been hit or miss & the manager stated he is having issues getting the stock. I called Stanislaus myself yesterday, they claim there is no quality issues.

My US rep mentioned something about there being a shortage but I haven’t had any trouble at all.

Fresh Tomato prices have been terrible the past 6 weeks.

We have used Stanislaus and would never change. A few years back I was buying one of their more obscure products called Super Dolce one day I opened a can and it was dark Brown. It was so bizzare. We have opend 1000’s of cans of Stainslaus tomatoes and they are always perfect. I was more excited to show them something weird from them that happened. The Stanlaus rep came by and gave us 10 cases for free to say sorry. Like I said Id never change

Stanislaus definitely has awesome customer service. We had a few cans of Saporito that came in super thick, like I’ve never seen them before like that. The rep said it had something to do with the amount of pectin in the tomatoes and it happens from time to time. Gave us some free cases and haven’t had an issue since. That happened once in 14 years. They will call and check in every now and again as well

Yeah i found it strange what i heard and experienced at RD. I did call Stanislaus and stated they havent heard of any issues, i have also been using them for over 13+ yrs and never experienced any inconsistencies in the products, with that being said i will never switch brands. Just thought it was odd that my local RD has been having stock issues & my rep said one of his restaurants experienced an issue and switched brands because of it.

That may be a R Depot-specific problem. Since Covid, I’ve been noticing that they have been having inventory shortage issues with several items across the board; from styrofoam cups to BIB coke products to paper bags, etc. I think it has something to do with either their buyer or I think that many vendors like Stanislaus will favor smaller distributors over the big box store for unknown reasons, but it appears that way to me. Seems to me that they value the small dist. connections/relationships more in the long run and if they need to short someone, it’ll be the big guy 'cause he’ll survive plus the profit margin is probably the thinnest w/the Big Guy…