Stanislaus Vs. Escalon

What tamato product manufactor do you prefer? Stanislaus, Escalon, or Other.

bot ok i like escalon better but it is in the seasoning that you add on to it many great pizza places uses stan and escalon

both good, comparable products, Stanislaus markets more aggressively, it seems
I do not think customers , or me, could tell the difference in 6n1 and 7/11,
the different ways we season makes the greater difference

cross reference


wow, 2 to 1, Stanislaus to Escalon…
isn’t anybody using any other brand ?

is this actually a taste preference or what you use? escalon should win on taste… and even if they taste the same to you then why use the one with added citric acid?

  • aba

Taste is completely subjective. I prefer Stanislaus to Escalon. What tastes better, Coke or Pepsi?? Do I have the best pizza in town? I do to my customers…

Are they both comparable in price where you are in business?


roughly $2.00 more a case for the Escalon