We bag and staple shut our orders, Can someone tell me a good stapler thats heavy duty (I use it ALOT) Ive been through too many

This one is great. Get the staples Amazon suggest with it. They won’t work with regular staples.

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We use a swingline plier stapler from Staples: Have used them for years and they hold up well. Not too hard to fix jams when you get them. We use regular Staples brand staples in them.
Have used these: but had to buy special staples and I cannot figure out how to take them apart enough to fix jams. I have one sitting on my desk right now that I can’t clear. They are rated great but we didn’t love them.
If I didn’t just buy 3 new staplers yesterday I would have tried out the Bostich that Steve mentioned above.

Thanks guys Im going to grab that one Steve suggested, looks more commercial than the everyday staplers

2 years in at two locations and only the occasional jam. If it does jam, flat head screw driver is all you need to quickly fix the jam.

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Bostich for sure but I use a higher grade one that loads from the top rather than the one posted above. It’s on amazon as well. Last forever.

Can you provide a link

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Arrow p22 best stapler

curious b/c I never gave any thought to staplers…now that I think of it the Chinese food places use them around here but I would think it is more cumbersome than the good ole masking tape we have been using for 35+yrs

We do it exactly like chinese places its nice bc the folded over stapled flap creates a handle for the bag. I looked at the prices for bags that come with handles already (think mall shopping bags) and they were so much more expensive than the 1/6 bbl bags we use