star box printing

anyone know what they charge if it is a good deal
CURRANTLY my prices are 50ct 14 x .75 are 18.81
12 x .75 are 15.89
10 x .75 are 12.41
for generic print

I used custom boxes from Star (2 color) for about two years. Off the top of my head, the prices were something like:

16" - $26/cs (50 ea)
12" - $21/cs (50 ea) ? (not exactly sure on that number)
10" - $ 18/cs (50 ea)

Generic boxes are now running about $14.50, $13.00, and $12 respectively. I could not detect a difference in sales.

While seeing my name on the boxes was a significant boost to my ego, I just couldn’t justify the added expense. With a new competitor in town, I may reconsider.

We currently use custom boxes from Star Box through our food distributor. Prices are $11.72 for 12", $16.39 for 16" and $19.25 for 18" all bundles of 50 B Flute boxes. As cheap as generics. Keep in mind our company has 11 stores so our usage is pretty high.

We spend for the boxes as a marketing expense to reinforce our visual branding. Having our name out in the houses again and again reinforces the subliminal message that we are there for them, and we are a professional operation. These are big needs in our marketplace of come-and-go restaurants.

Prices are $11.72 for 12", $16.39 for 16" and $19.25 for 18" all bundles of 50 B Flute boxes.

With two stores and a franchising program in the works, maybe I should reconsider. My food distributor was able to shake them down just a little before I completely discontinued usage.

Star Pizza boxes is the only available custom print I know of through either of my distributors. Are there any other options out there? is another…[/url] , [url=][/url] , [url=] are a few more. There’s more as well, alot of who you use depends on where you are in the country. Shipping prices will kill the deal if you are working with a company across the country from you.

I am considering me doing this also… i am professional in my advertising i should start this as well…

my food supplier charges me now for the normal ones

16" 12.99
14" 11.95
12" 13.29
10" 10.95

Where should i get custom boxes from because im in florida to save on shipping??

um wow I think my priceses are a little off

First start with your food distributor. See who they work with and what price they can provide you. Next try Dade Paper at www.dade . Unless you have significant storage and cash to outlay for a large quantity of boxes, you will need to work with another company to warehouse and deliver to you weekly. If you’ve never used Dade Paper, they deliver all over Florida and have very good prices on all the cleaning products and paper products you’ll need. They carried our pizza boxes for a while and already do business with Stone Smurfit and I think Star Box.

roma foods in florida
they are partnered with smurfit/star/weyerhauser
good luck