Star Thermal Printers

We have been open three months, and already one of my star printers is going out. The feed jams, and freezes everything up. I have an extra so we will be fine for the week, however I am hoping I dont have to replace a printer everything three months. Has anyone else had this problem?

I haven’t used Star printers, so I can’t comment on your problems.

However, there is a good reason why nearly every POS printer you see is an Epson TM-88.

I agree, I have only used Epson thermal and impact printers in my pos systems in the past, and in those 8 years I have only had one printer ever go down. Needless to say all the printers in my new place are going to be Epson printers as well!

in my experience with star printers they are low quality, you are better off buying epson

I use star 600 printer and have had no problems at all.

If you are using cheap register paper the lint that comes off the rolls can jam up the printer. Try to keep around your print head real clean. When you put a new roll in, blow around the print head to make sure there is not dust around it.

You van buy a Epson TM-T88IV-14 from Castleton paper for $369.83 and they pay freight. The list price is $457.00. Call Stephanie at 1-800-613-2354. - Epson TM-88IV is only $285 with free shipping… That’s where I buy all of my POS stufff.

I’ve had 3 Star printers working fine for the past 2 years… only time I had a problem was when I had to get Thermal paper from Office max. The printer would freeze, print a little, freeze again, paper kept coming off track, non stop problems just because of the paper!

When I got my regular paper shipment in and put my usual rolls back in, everything was fine. And “technically” the paper I bought from office max was the “same size”… but in reality it wasn’t, it was just a hair bigger, you wouldn’t even notice it until you laid one atop the other to check them out.

So, my question to you is, are you using different paper? And if so, go back to the original one you were using.