starbucks and pizza

Hi. We are a mom and pop shop in Napa, CA. We are across the street from a high school and on a main street through town. The corner vacant lot (for at least 10 years) one business down from us is now becoming a Starbucks. Yeah I’m SOOOO thrilled - it’s not like the 6 others in town won’t supply the masses! I digress… Anyway, do you think this will help or hurt us? Our parking is poor as it is and our guests usually park in the lot to pick up. It’s not going to be a drive thru as it’s too close to a major intersection. Starbucks actually has to pay for the changes made to the intersection. What are your thoughts on this? I’d love to know. Thanks!

No doubt about it, this will help your business.

I guess you will have to figure out the parking but a traffic driver like Starbucks is good for business.

I agree. Anything to drive traffic will help.

Will their drive-thru make the cars waiting face towards you or away? Figure out a way to increase your visibility.

Now for the parking situation. If you cannot do a drive-thru pickup, can you up your service and bring the orders out to them? It may not make financial sense if you use limited labor. But I know that here we have lots of moms with kids strapped in their seats who really appreciate a business that will give them curbside service. So much so that it will determine where they shop. I remember when I would have to unbuckle my kids at every stop. Not very much fun.

Also, are they on a separate piece of property? Since your rush hours dovetail nicely with theirs, they may not mind some of your parking overflowing onto “their” spaces. Of course, if it is a separate piece of property I suspect they will curb it off from the rest like they do here.

How long will they last with Starbucks only yesterday saying they are closing a huge number of sites. In Australia they are closing 84 sites next weekend.

Apparently they are like a lot of business suffering downward sales andare feeling the pinch.


Starbucks’ issues are not economy related. They deviated from their strategy (in many, many ways) which cost them their brand differentiation. Most of the stores they are closing are low-performing stores and stores without drive-thrus.

Man, I’d be seeing if you could strike up some kind of deal with the owner to give a free Starbucks with the purchase of a pizza…

You sell the pizza, they go across the street to get their coffee, or vice versa…have a discounted pizza offer with a purchase of a grande there.

You could always wrap a vehicle and park it near their drive-thru.

Hi. The last I heard they have closed down 600 Starbucks. Not sure why we need another on in Napa - we already have 5! Anyway, I talked to the head contractor guy today and it will NOT be a drive thru as it is at the corner of a major intersection. They will have only 16 parking spots. We are facing the main street and they are on a seperate piece of property but right now, there is a driveway that goes to our neighbors parking lot. Not sure if it will stay the same or be changed. I will have to ask the head contractor.

We have delivered to the parking lot so we will continue to do so. We have no parking out front as it’s a two lane road right outside our door. We have, in the past, crossed the street to deliver pizza as the parking is better over there. Not real safe, but anything for a few extra bucks! It’s all about customer service - right!

As far as the pizza/drink deal - can each store make their own promos or do I have to talk to some head corporate guy?

The high school starts on the 18th of August and they’ll be shutting down a major walkway for the kids to get to “other” lunch time places. We’re hoping it’ll bring in more kids at lunchtime!

Thanks for all the advice - keep it coming!

The Starbucks a couple of blocks from us holds their monthly meetings at our place. They usually spend about $200 on food and drink. Just a possible marketing opportunity for you.